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If you liked SB86, here are 20 more sites we think you'll enjoy:


1.  Daxia Software Group (http://webalias.com/DaxiaSoftwareGroup)
We develop Delphi and Linux programs, but we also are interested in Italian Politics
2.  home (http://webalias.com/home) [ACCESS RESTRICTED]
Boy , named Wang Jianshuo , Shanghai , China College In China , writen in GB code
3.  Techrev1 (http://webalias.com/Techrev1)
Techrev1 - A Revolutionary Way to Shop. Books, Music, Entertainment, Computers - All at One Site!
4.  Sharewares!Freewares! (http://webalias.com/SharewaresFreewares)
Collection of tested sharewares/freewares/icons. + animated cursors and online Games
5.  geomatics (http://webalias.com/geomatics)
Geomatics Information Center:papers and lecture notes Surveying, GPS, GIS, Least Squares, Cadastre, Jobs
6.  umair (http://webalias.com/umair)
Lots of free stuff, chat, place your ads, messages etc pakistani, malaysian, bruneian, houstonian information
7.  www.amit.com (http://webalias.com/www.amit.com)
padharo mhare des
8.  jogoherg (http://webalias.com/jogoherg)
Informations about the grammar school J.-G.-Herder in Schneeberg / Saxony
9.  rcarnell (http://webalias.com/rcarnell)
Win Mill is an interactive site dedicated to MS Access, NT Server, Web Design, and many other topics.
10.  3amath (http://webalias.com/3amath)
The official web site of 3A-Math SY '98-'99 B.S. Mathematics University of Santo Tomas
11.  www.andrey.com (http://webalias.com/www.andrey.com)
Welcome to Little St. Petersburg!
12.  SyrupExamples (http://webalias.com/SyrupExamples)
Examples of electrical circuits solved symbolically using MapleV and Syrup by Joe Riel
13.  ajmiras (http://webalias.com/ajmiras)
personal web page
14.  harrymiras (http://webalias.com/harrymiras) [ACCESS RESTRICTED]
personal web page
15.  alloah (http://webalias.com/alloah)
Computer Shoppe
16.  hemiras (http://webalias.com/hemiras)
For Business Use
17.  physicsguide.com (http://webalias.com/physicsguide.com)
This site contains all you need to know about Physics Physics pictures,movies and facts
18.  sciencecenter (http://webalias.com/sciencecenter)
Not yet engaged, but there will be a lot about science! (Thats what i hope!!)
19.  psip (http://webalias.com/psip)
Research project, applying neural networks for stock markets behaviour prediction
20.  RapaduraDigital (http://webalias.com/RapaduraDigital)
RapaduraDigital - All you need in the Net! Linux,programming,virus,C,C++,visualbasic,Mathematatica
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